Rules & Objectives

Be a person of honor.

Most youth will grow up never hearing how to advance in relationships,

secular careers and ministry.
A youth Camp at Greystoke focuses on equipping and inspire young 
people to confidently and competently apply the most underestimated 
life principles - Excellence, Initiative, Obedience, Character, integrity and
Attitude (The Big 6).
We teach the youth how to serve leadership with respect and honor
because these principles are the core favor and promotion generators.
We call it the ‘Joseph’ mind set. the ability to be a confident, secure 
steward of any task in any situation. How to think like a ruler and still be
a servant. How to treat your enemies with grace without allowing them
to trample on you. How to pursue your dreams is a world that will scorn
you for having them.

Stand for what is right.The exciting thing about a youth camp is that you get to practice what 

you just learned by applying the principles in rigorous team tasks.
We also get to say and teach things that would be undervalued if the
kids parents of pastors taught them. We make respect and honor ‘cool’.
Servant hood and a love for wisdom become an exciting adventure as
opposed to an ‘old school’ ideology - the nature of the young mind is 
to push against the norm and question everything. We present these
core values in a way which makes them appear as an opportunity
to “rage against the dying of the light” - it becomes a cause to fight
for instead of a (perceived) unrealistic expectation.

Core Teachings: Respect and Honor.

Core inspiration: Love for Wisdom

Core Principle: Excellence
Core objective: Relationship behaviors.

(Worth Points and Makes Everything Smoother And More Fun)

RULE 1: Be on time.
RULE 2: Stick with your team.
RULE 3: Have Fun.

(Break these laws and you go home immediately).

LAW 1: No intimate physical contact with anyone.
We are not a dating service.
LAW 2: Rebel without a cause becomes a Rebel without
a camp.

We do not tolerate bullies and instigators. We have
separate camps for trouble children.

LAW 3: Curfew is curfew. Thank you.
Curfews are not negotiable - for your own safety.

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