What to expect

You arrive @ Camp Greystoke and immediately get sorted into your team of 12 dudesons
when suddenly your team is expected to immediately win a contest for the right to
choose your Fungalo (the place where you sleep and brush your teeth). 
You are barely settled when you hear the dinner bell and you are drawn to the 
mess hall like a moth to a flame. 
The rules and regulations are drilled into you while the smell of the delicious supper
assaults your senses and you start to realize that this is going to be the most 
awesome week of your life. You eat hungrily and head to the hall for your first 
session where you find out that God actually has a massive destiny in store for you
and that the spanner who called you a loser was wrong. 
You go to bed excited about your future

It’s 7 o Clock in the morning and you are cleaning your room, armpits and teeth 
like crazy because @ Camp Greystoke EVERYTHING counts for points! Room
inspection is at 07:50. You hold your breath while a white glove runs along your 
windowsill and breathe a sigh of relief when it is spotless. Your team breaks out
into the corny war cry you prepared the day before and you enthusiastically head
out to breakfast.

After breakfast you sit through a session about excellence and initiative and other 
cool stuff like that and realize that you’re gonna need this info to win this afternoon’s
competition. You leave the hall and suddenly the world comes alive with loud music 
everywhere, people shouting and laughing and a lot of those corny war cries!

You adjust to the momentary confusion and sprint after your teammates towards your first
exciting challenge. Some random fool sprays you with water but you don’t 
have time to shake your fist because you only have 30 seconds to get your team
to the first challenge.

One week later... all you can remember is ‘The Big 6’, God thinks you rock and you
have a few extra stomach muscles from all the laughing. 
You get home where your mom asks you what you learned and you fire off
 ten million things excitedly before realizing that the blank expression on her face 
is a sign that you must slow down...


Character. Integrity. Attitude.
Excellence. Initiative. Obedience

How be a person of favor and promotion.
Story of Joseph.
Fear is not your default setting:
Love. Power. Sound Mind.

(How to be secure and content in who God has made you.)
Story of Gideon.
When others see a Reed, God sees a Rock.
(How God sees you and how you should see others.)
Story of Jesus and Simon/Peter
Gender Specific:

Girls sessions: Finding your heart’s desire.
Girls sessions: Being responsible with your emotions.

Boys sessions: The heart of a son. (How to understand your parents.)
Boys session: What is a man if he does not make the world better?
The Effect of a decision. - Life Dominoes.

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